Magic in Aurea is based on mana which is a naturally occurring substance in this Universe.  Those who have the ability to wield it are able to see it as a blue fog like substance that covers the ground.  The more dense the "fog" the stronger the mana is and the easier it is to manipulate.  The less dense the weaker the mana and the hard it is to manipulate.  

A majority of Mages, about 75%, are single college only Mages.  Another 5-10% are day or night only limited.  The remaining few are the rare ones that can study all the colleges.  These mages are in very high demand.  It is common for Mages of different colleges to work together on projects.

A mineral called Venficium is able to naturally amplify and "shape" the mana.  Naturally it takes a lot of Veneficium to bring a mana level up in any one area.  If it is shaped in a certain way though it can amplify the mana much more then just as the raw mineral.  Currently rulers are erecting and shaping these Veneficium Towers to enhance mana in and around their cities and castles.  They are quite expensive as it takes great skill to shape the Veneficium.

Adversium does the opposite.  It forces mana away from itself and the area.  Like Venefisium it takes a lot of natural Adversium to drop the mana level down but if you shape it then it is far more potent.  There are some locations that Adversium towers but not many.  It is shunned in many places as mana is seen as a harmless tool that can only help people.


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